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St. Hugh Outreach to the Larger Community — 2014

The congregation of St. Hugh is outreach-oriented—in addition to personal volunteer work, the members of St.Hugh actively participate in collective outreach. In 2014, we raised and disbursed more than $21,000 in support of the larger community.

St. Hugh Budgeted Outreach

The congregation of St. Hugh budgets for outreach as a defined program of service to the community. In 2014, we disbursed $7,500 from our Church Operating Budget to the following groups:

Christ Lutheran Church Pre-school
Coalition of Churches and Community (Belfair)
Evergreen School (socks, underwear, and school supplies)
Faith in Action (Belfair)
Habitat for Humanity
Key Peninsula Community Services
Mason County Shelter
North Mason Boys and Girls Club
North Mason Food Bank
Northwest Children's Outreach (Belfair)
Oso Landslide Disaster Relief
PUD 3 Project Share
St. Andrew's House
Theler Center Community Dinners

In addition to funds from the Operating Budget, we at St. Hugh, through the Episcopal Church Women (ECW), The Children's Collections, and Special Collections, support the larger community in highly significant ways:

St. Hugh Episcopal Church Women (ECW)
Giving to Benefit the Community

These gifts are funded through special events sponsored by the ECW, including the Summer Allyn Days Patio Sale and the Fall Holiday Bazaar. The generosity and support of the larger community for these fund-raising events has enabled the St. Hugh ECW to support the following groups in the surrounding communities, giving a total of $10,050:

Allyn Historic Church
Belfair Elementary School (Families in Need)
Christ Lutheran Church Child Care Center
Coalition of Churches and Community (Lunches & Backpacks)
Coffee Oasis (Burien)
Community Food Pantry
Evergreen School (Key Peninsula)
Grapeview School PTA (Families in Need)
Hawkins Middle School (Students in Need Fund)
Holiday Giving (Deacon's Discretionary Fund)
Key Peninsula Community Services Food Bank
Key Peninsula Family Resource Center
Key Peninsula Mustard Seed Project
North Mason Community Food Pantry
North Mason Resource Center
North Mason Food Bank
North Mason High School (Needy Student Fund)
Northwest Children's Outreach (Belfair)
Pioneer Food Bank
Pioneer School District (CGACF)
St. David's Episcopal Church, Shelton (Dinners & Shelter)
Sand Hill Elementary (ASB Donation Fund)
The Saints' Pantry (Shelton Food Bank)
Turning Pointe Women’s Shelter, Shelton

St. Hugh Children's Collections
Giving to Benefit Children

These gifts are funded through regular collections made by the children of St. Hugh, who then decide how and where to distribute the funds. In 2014, the children raised and donated $2,153.11 for these organizations:

Coalition of Churches and Community Backpack Program (Belfair)
Northwest Children's Outreach (Belfair)
Turning Pointe Shelter (Shelton)

St. Hugh Special Collections
Giving for Special Circumstances

These gifts have been raised to fund relief efforts and to raise awareness of special needs. In 2014, St. Hugh raised $1,344.26 for these special circumstances:

Eastern Washington Forest Fire Relief
Pennies for Peace Program
Oso Landslide Disaster Relief


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